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Kind to everyone and everything

Our Ethos

We Care about our communities

We are individualists but believe in social good. We are optimists but know that the world isn’t fair. We are feminists but believe in empowering everyone.

We support several socio-environmental causes, paying close attention to the little things that can help in any way possible. We support the education of over 200 Moghiya Tribal hunter poacher children through our Baagh Pari project implemented on the ground byTiger Watch, the leading anti poaching NGO based in the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan India.

We support not only their education but also support life skill and sewing training to upskill the children in partnership with Dhonk textiles and CMAI on the ground hoping they can break out of the cycle of poaching and support themselves as we have got a opportunity to support ourselves as women in business.

The fashion industry is responsible for 20% of the industrial water waste that reaches our oceans! At Verandah, other than creativity and luxury, we strive for tangible environmental goals with our steps to offset our carbon footprint be it planting trees, using completely biodegradable packaging, upcycling post production waste, manufacturing locally and using carbon neutral shipping.

While we draw inspiration from cultures and the environment we feel it’s imperative to preserve them. With this in mind every year we go the extra mile to find and partner with organisations that care about what we care about – the environment. We are on a mission to be carbon negative by 2030.



Anjali the founder sits on the Board of Tiger Watch, the leading anti poaching NGO in India based in Ranthambhore. Verandah supports the Baagh Pari education project and conservation efforts in the Tiger Reserve run by Dharmendra Khandal.


Based in Dehradun in Uttarakhand, India, run by Apurva Kothari, Sankalptaru is a leader in Afforestation, Climate Change and supports farmers livelihoods.

We have adopted a sandbank and support a one tree planted for every Verandah purchase online monitored by geo tagging to protect the Elephant corridor and overflooding of the Bhramhaputra river in the Monsoon.

Reef Watch

Anjali's travels to the Maldives as a child and the vast change over the last 30 years and damage to the coral and marine life led us to design a collection called the Coral Reef to raise awareness about the bleaching of the reefs in the South Andaman Sea, close to home in India.

We have supported the re building of a reef in the Andaman Islands via our partner Reef Watch, the leading Marine Conservation organisation in India led by Nayantara Jain.

Anti-Poaching & Tiger Watch

Our Collection T-91 is an ode to the forest and a missing tiger. We have committed 10% of the profits made by the collection to the NGO Tiger Watch. We believe in supporting communities through our initiatives and have worked with the wives of the Moghiya Tribals – a poaching community, in Ranthambore to provide alternative livelihoods to their women by designing and creating patchwork quilts with them. Committed all the way to conserve the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, Anjali has recently been inducted onto the board of Tiger Watch. To know more visit the Tiger Watch website.

Rebuild with Reef Watch

We are adopting a part of a reef generation project run by Reef Watch – a marine conservation organisation that works as a custodian of coral reefs in the Andaman Islands. Anjali has also designed a collection based on coral reefs to raise awareness about the cause. This is all part of our sustainability goals, as coral reefs are one of the largest carbon sinks and their regeneration is critical to slow climate change. For more information visit the Reef Watch website.


With the goal of reducing our carbon footprint and improving livelihoods we have partnered with SankalpTaru, under their Rural Livelihood Program. As a part of the program, we plant a tree for every Verandah ecommerce purchase you make. With the help of a technology enabled system you can track the locations of your tree and receive updates on its growth, making the impact more tangible so to speak. Our goal through this project is to build a Verandah forest on the sandbanks of the Bhramaputra river in the Molai forest reserve to conserve local biodiversity and provide safe passage to animals during annual flooding. If you would like to plant a tree as part of the initiative follow the link below.


Our Partners across the world